GOBii Genomic Data Management System (GOBii-GDM)

The mission of the Genomics Open-source breeding informatics initiative (GOBii) is to build open-source genomic data management and analysis tools to enable breeders to implement genomic and marker-assisted selection as part of their routine breeding programs.

The GOBii Genomic Data Management (GOBii-GDM) System is a scalable and responsive genomic data management system, with a BrAPI-enabled web-service layer, integrated genotyping data QC, integrated web-based file management, and a Marker Tools Portal to access all GOBii-GDM tools and key breeding tools developed in Galaxy and Flapjack.



  • High-scale marker genotyping data management with fast load and extract times
  • API layer including BrAPI to connect to adjacent systems Integrated genotyping data
  • QC layer with KDCompute and DArTView to monitor data quality. Developed with Diversity Arrays Technology, Australia
  • Integrated web-based file management with OwnCloud
  • A single place to access GOBii tools with an integrated GOBii Marker Portal System administration tools to search and delete data in GOBii tool ‘Timescope’
  • Integrated docker monitoring with Portainer Genotyping data analysis tools for pedigree verification, marker-assisted breeding and forward breeding in Flapjack. Developed with James Hutton Institute, UK
  • Genomic selection analysis pipeline in Galaxy






GOBii director: ej245@cornell.edu

GOBii lead developer: yn259@cornell.edu

GOBii application specialist: yg28@cornell.edu