What we do

The Excellence in Breeding Platform draws from innovations in the public and private sector to provide access to cutting-edge tools, services and best practices, training and practical advice for Sharing breeding programs targeting the developing world.

New technologies alone do not guarantee improvement, they must be adopted strategically and in line with a broader strategy of breeding program modernization.

By creating communities of practice from its members and users, the Platform supports them to identify, assess and adapt the best tools, services and practices available to support breeding program improvement.

By providing an online platform for sharing, collaboration, and access to expert advice and training, the Platform will help members to adopt new approaches, measure their success and learn from the progress of others.

By combining demand and effort among its members, the Platform enables economies of scale to adopt new approaches and the use of genotyping and phenotyping services at lower cost.

Our areas of work

The work of the Platform is divided into five Research modules, each with its own scientific leadership and expert advisory group.

1. Breeding Program Excellence
A standard breeding program performance management system to monitor successes from the lab to the farmers’ fields, highlighting strategic areas for research and investment.

2. Optimizing breeding schemes
Access to support and knowhow to optimize breeding schemes, respond appropriately to changes in resources and to extract maximum value from implementation of new technologies, tools or services to the breeding process to achieve the highest possible rate of genetic gain

3. Genotyping / sequencing tools and services
Access to genotyping services at reduced cost, and support for breeding programs to optimise the use of genomic data in their work.

4. Phenotyping tools and services
Information about new tools and approaches to quantify plant and animal traits, access to services and shared infrastructure, and support the routine use of cutting-edge phenotyping in breeding programs.

5. Bioinformatics, biometrics and data management tools and services
Access to integrated bioinformatics tools and biometrics support that allow breeding programs to harness the power of genotype, phenotype and other data.



A toolbox providing access to tools, services, advice and training enabling breeding teams to successfully identify and incorporate new approaches into the breeding process, from trait discovery to cultivar development